Saturday, March 14, 2009

Misspellations 1

Doncha hate it when your typing to a friend on I chat and you misspell something, I tink Its hilarious!!! This is the HILARIOUS misspellation list:

Parfart (Parfait)
Asshopper (Grasshopper)
Scotch Rape (Scotch Tape)
Repoopssession (Repossession)

Hmmm, they're all really gross

Barney powder (Baby powder)
Elf Country Buffet (Old country buffet)
Facecock (Facebook)
The Sperminator (The Terminator)
Violators will be persecuted (PROSECUTED!!!)

That's it for today, hope to have more in the future


  1. WHEN are you talking about parfaits, grasshoppers, repossession, baby powder, or prosecution?? I'm pretty sure talking to you on ichat would be hilarious anyway.

  2. there was an asshopper in my parfart when the repoopsession folks raped me with barney powder and i had them persecuted